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Richard Taylor: (International Director)
Richard began having Rest Seminars after his Glorious and Supernatural Encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ as he cried out for Rest. His encounter can be read about in each of these books. His Rest is Glorious: Reaching the Glory that Arrests all Fear, Rabboni: The School of His Rest, and the most recent book in the "His Rest" Trilogy, Endurance: Centering in His Rest. These books are available on, and many excerpts are freely shared here on this website and around the world. In 2016, The first Rabboni School of His Rest was opened in CT. (USA) and many began to have personal and transforming experiences in the Rest of God... The school has developed a curriculum centering around the Rest of God, and the End-Times. Richard has been involved in worldwide missions since 2002 where he and his wife Estelle made their first trip to the nation of Ghana, West Africa. Since then, he has traveled to Africa a total of 9 times on missions trips to Ghana, Nigeria, and Ivory Coast; as well as trips to Asia, Europe and throughout the U.S.

Charles and Monique Stefano: Directors (CT. Chapter)

Charles and Monique Stefanou are an integral part of Rabbonis Love, Inc., as Local Directors of the RSHR (CT), they host Teaching and Training Seminars and Rest Encounters. This couple has been graced to have experienced His Rest in a very real and supernatural way. 


Richmond Onumajuru: Director (Lagos, Nigeria)

Pastor Richmond Onumajuru is the Regional Director of RSHR in Lagos, Nigeria, and has been instrumental in recruiting many other leaders into the Rabboni Ministerial Alliance in Lagos. His efforts and the efforts of his wife Ebere have been instrumental in bringing many into the Rest of God both spiritually and practically. Richmond had a Life-Changing experience with the Rest of our Lord Jesus Christ after meeting Richard Taylor in Ghana, West Africa.  He rode a bus for approximately 8 hours from Lagos, Nigeria to Accra, Ghana which he paid for with his own money... Upon arrival, Richard and Richmond stayed up 'til near daybreak, speaking about the Rest of God... 
Nadeem Masih: Director (Pakistan)
Pastor Nadeem Masih is a Local Director of RSHR in Faisalabad, Pakistan (In association with EBTI), and has been instrumental in bringing many into the Rest of Jesus Christ through Teaching, Preaching, Healing and Feeding the hungry. Our second book in the His Rest Trilogy "Rabboni: The School of His Rest", has been translated into Urdu for the benefit of many.
Benjamin Amenza: (Director in Training)
Alan Gbanga: (Director in Training)

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